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Nexus 4, Google Music and an alligator in Podcast 314

The Google Nexus 4 is on sale this week -- except it isn't, because it's sold out. How did Google mess up the Nexus so badly?

The Google Nexus 4 is on sale this week -- except it isn't, because it's sold out. How did Google mess up the Nexus launch so badly? Join the CNET UK team to thrash out this question and many others as we inundate your earholes with the latest news and opinions.

Rich, Luke and Andy discuss a new way of doling out pocket money to your kids in the digital age, called PKTMNY. Speaking of money, we see if our favourite albums are cheaper from the new Google Music service on Google Play than from iTunes.

We ask whether Google's data centre is a bit like the bad guy lair in Live and Let Die, what with all the alligators knocking around. And we head to Kickstarter to check out Projecteo, the ultimate accessory for Instagram-loving hipsters.

Plus we turn to you, esteemed listener, for your feedback. Can a phone really be cheaper on a contract than if you buy it outright? What would be on your own personal soundtrack? Which is the real taste sensation: Pepsi or Coca-Cola? And why can't Rich say the word 'alligator' properly?

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