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Next SimCity requires Net to start

Catch the new developments for the long-awaited mother of all simulation games.

SimCity in 2013.

A sign we live in the future: the next SimCity requires an Internet connection to launch the game, Maxis lead designer Stone Librande said in a recent interview with Joystiq.

Origin, everyone's favorite game distribution punching bag, must run on the computer to launch SimCity. After the initial Origin log-in, you can play SimCity offline without an always-on Internet connection.

The emphasis on an online experience revolves around the expanded multiplayer element, which includes a global economy, regional opportunities, and wide-area issues (pollution, disasters, etc.). This development may startle some veterans of the city builder, as one typically built cities and regions in an offline environment when playing previous versions of SimCity.

Maxis creative director Ocean Quigley elaborated further in a Reddit post: "You can build out a region by yourself. But even those solo players are going to be participating in the flow of resources that constitute the core of the games economy - the economic landscape that they're operating in will be shaped by the actions of other players, even if they are only playing solo."

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In other SimCity news, developer Maxis confirmed that mod support will eventually happen for SimCity after its release. Some people still play SimCity 4 to this day because of its enormous community based on modifying the game; players collectively add new features, fix bugs, and craft impressive maps years later.

Optimism seems high within Maxis for the next SimCity. In response to a Reddit post comparing SimCity to the underwhelming SimCity Societies, Quigley said: "I'm not going to bash Societies, but I will say that this new SimCity was built from the simulation engine up, and is the one that I wanted to make after I finished working on SimCity 4."