Next iPod Nano to get camera?

A picture of an iPod Nano case with a hole for a camera has surfaced on the site Apple.pro, leading to speculation that the next Nano will be able to capture video like the old fifth-generation Nano could.

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David Carnoy
An alleged picture of what may be the casing for the next iPod Nano. apple.pro

Some people were disappointed when Apple chose to shrink the iPod Nano, give it a smaller 1.5-inch multitouch display, and lose the built-in video camera. Well, if this photo from the Taiwanese Mac Blog Apple.pro--which has been fairly reliable with Apple "spy" pics in the past--is any indication, Apple may be bringing the camera back while retaining the current-generation Nano's tiny form factor.

It would be interesting to speculate how you'd shoot with such a small camera, but one obvious method would be to clip it on lapel-style, turning the Nano into sort of a spycam with the proper camouflage. As I wrote before, I'm personally more interested in seeing the Nano get Bluetooth (so you can use wireless headphones with it), though combining a camera with Bluetooth would be intriguing, opening up the possibility to broadcast video wirelessly via a Bluetooth cell-phone connection.

The next Nano would be the seventh-generation model. If the past is any indication, Apple will unveil its new iPod products in the September time frame.

Source: Apple.pro via 9to5Mac