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Next Conversation: FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski

In our next interview for CNET Conversations, we'll ask FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski about everything from free broadband to exclusive wireless agreements to the NBC-Comcast deal. What's your question?

FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski
FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski

FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski has a pretty busy Outlook calendar. The government's recently announced National Broadband Plan promises 100-megabit service to 100 million people by 2020. The plan may propose offering free broadband access for low-income users, or at least setting aside some part of the spectrum for it. Meanwhile, Genachowski's going to have to convince the courts that his agency has the authority to regulate Internet service providers and even wireless telecom companies at all--and he's presenting the National Broadband Plan to Congress next week. So, you know. It seemed like a good time to sit down and have a Conversation.

I'll be interviewing Genachowski in Washington D.C., and I'm looking forward to having more details about the agency's broadband intentions and asking about longer-standing issues like his war on wireless exclusivity (where are we on that?), Net neutrality, how to handle content regulation in an online-video kind of world, and much more, I'm sure.

What do you want to ask the FCC chief? Post your questions in the comments and I'll bring them with me to D.C.!