NewTeeVee will take Manhattan on Sept. 24

A special installment of the media blog's 'Pier Screenings' series, uprooted from San Francisco, will take place in Chelsea.


Many a Gotham geek was jealous of the NewTeeVee Pier Screenings, those outdoor short-film festivals hosted by the Om Malik-helmed new media blog--they were, at the time, restricted to the San Francisco Bay Area. But now NewTeeVee's coming east for a night of user-submitted short films on September 24, held at the XChange event space in Manhattan's Chelsea neighborhood.

The theme is "love stories," and NewTeeVee's Liz Gannes emphasized that while pornography is not allowed, the films submitted may encompass anything from lost lovers to favorite foods. There will, in addition, be popcorn and beer aplenty.

Fellow nerds, I feel that I should also point out that such an event presents great potential in the hot-date department. Now might be a good time to get up from that computer screen and practice asking that cutie from your Flickr contacts list if she's got any plans for the night of the 24th.

You can RSVP here.