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Newt Gingrich among those who will get Google Glass

He's one of the celebrities who won the competition to become Google Glass explorers. Soulja Boy, Brandy, Neil Patrick Harris, and Alyssa Milano are others.

What will they look like on him?
The ACU/YouTube Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Who would you like most to see on your street, your television, or your cruise to the Bahamas, staring at you with one wicked eye and one distracted?

I fancy that more than one person might say "Newt Gingrich."

An intimidating presence at the best of times, please imagine how he might look wearing Google's new and currently taste-challenged glasses.

You may only have to imagine for a short while. For the Republican presidential candidate and famed historical consultant was a winner in Google's lottery to find explorers for its Google Glass.

I am grateful to Stanford big-brain Andrej Karpathy who delved into the list of winners, tabulated them by the size of their Twitter following, and presented them for the world's delectation. Or indigestion.

He revealed that the politician who most wanted to create a space colony on the moon had applied to look like a space cadet here on Earth.

You might wonder whether Google, aware of the publicity this might bring, overlooked Gingrich's rather pedestrian reason to use Glass on his application: "#ifihadglass i would take it on tours of zoos and museums to share the animals and fossils -- @projectglass http://t.co/N788oo0ALB."

On the other hand, it is possible that the animals and fossils he was referring to currently spend their days in Congress. In which case, his humor is both self-deprecatory and unimpeachable.

Among others who have succeeded in gaining the opportunity to give Google $1,500 in order to frighten their famous neighbors are Soulja Boy and noted tech aficionada Alyssa Milano.

Also prepared to bare their souls while turning one eye to the latest artistic reviews online are director Kevin Smith and singer Brandy.

Rapper Matisyahu who promised: "#ifihadglass I'd use them to film a stage dive from my view http://t.co/x8oH7QDMIN @projectglass," is also on the G-list.

The most popular (Twitter-wise) explorer will be Neil Patrick Harris, who will, one hopes, find a way to include the look in an episode of "How I Met Your Mother."

Still, I am most looking forward to Gingrich's experiences.

Might the mere presence of Google Glass upon his nose vault him again into the public consciousness?

Will it give him a new perspective on the excitements enjoyed by younger generations -- which generally consist of analyzing everything to the last detail and then being far too frightened to make a decision about anything?

At least that's what highly deep New York Times columnist David Brooks suggested this week.

After this Explorer phase, I see the formation of a new political party, comprised of those gaining a radical new perspective from their revolutionary nasal adornments.

It will be called The Glass Half-Full Party.

Please imagine what a powerful and optimistic ticket might be offered in 2016 with Alyssa Milano standing for president and Newt Gingrich as her vice.