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News site Digg digs deeper

The site where users choose stories expands beyond tech to include articles, video in several other categories.

Digg, the Web site where users decide what is newsworthy, unveiled a revamped public beta site on Thursday that expands beyond technology news and lets people "dig" videos too.

Previously, Digg users could submit technology news stories and push them higher up the top of the page by indicating that they like, or "digg," the item.

Digg's new diggs

Using Digg's new beta, which will be available beginning Monday, users also will be able to do the same for news stories related to world events, business, entertainment, science and gaming, as well as any video submissions, said Jay Adelson, chief executive of Digg.

Users also will have more ability to customize the site. For example, they will be able to remove categories and stories from their view, and easily see what stories friends submitted and liked.

"We have completely changed the back end of Digg, (using) a whole new architecture," Adelson said.

Digg has 8 million unique users a month and more than 300,000 active registered users, he said.

The move to allow Web users to contribute content to media sites is growing. Last week, Netscape relaunched its Web site, changing it from a general-purpose portal to a news site in which readers and editors choose the content. The site is competing directly with Digg, Slashdot and others by allowing people to submit and rank stories.