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New Yorkers get their iPhones

From the front lines on Fifth Avenue.

Yeah baby!
Caroline McCarthy/CNET Networks

The first New Yorkers have their iPhones, showing off the sleek black packages to a massive crowd of paparazzi-esque press (really, we're animals), Apple Store employees, and a large number of spectators. Yes, spectators. Stadium-style. Yes, David Pogue is still hanging around, taping the scene with a personal camcorder but largely avoiding the sweaty press mobs. No, there is no sign of Steve Jobs, Bono, John Mayer, or any other celebrities associated with Apple.

There is not yet any word on shortages or the lack thereof. It's 6:26 PM and they are still letting people in, so I'm not positive as to how long it'll keep going on.

UPDATE (6:33 PM EDT): There do not yet appear to be any iPhones listed on eBay.

UPDATE (6:49 PM EDT): Still no end in sight. Just called out to the guys at the head of the line, who speculate they were at position #500-550 in line. Does this mean the "only 400 iPhones at the 5th Avenue store" rumor was bunk?

UPDATE (6:55 PM EDT): They're still flooding in. Now we're down to people who didn't wait in line for very long; most of them are 20-somethings who look like they stepped right out of a dancing iPod ad (minus the silhouette). Some even still have earbuds plugged into their ears as they walk in.

UPDATE (7:01 PM EDT): The line is largely over and people are just walking in now. Press is now allowed in. An iPhone reportedly just sold on eBay for $1500.

UPDATE (7:39 PM EDT): Line of the night: I'm carrying my open MacBook down the spiral staircase of the Apple Store when a company employee calls out to me, "No blogging on the stairs! You'll hurt yourself!"