New Windows Phone ad: It's not for everybody (like Apple)

Microsoft's relentless push behind, well, everything, continues with a new ad for Windows Phone. The idea is that it's built exclusively just for you. There's even a version with Steve Ballmer.

It's all yours.
Microsoft/YouTube Screenshot: Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Dear Apple, you are now a formulaic monolith and your challenger is that sweet, small, slightly naive company based in Redmond.

How else is one to explain Microsoft's quite thrilling attempt to be not merely relevant, but actually different?

You might already be exhausted from being pushed the Surface and Windows 8.

Microsoft, on the other hand, has just started. For today sees the YouTube launch of an ad for Windows Phone.

This, too, has those cute tiles that seems so blessedly simple. However, if you're going to appeal to the modern imagination, one way is to appeal to the modern ego.

So Microsoft would like you to know that your Windows Phone is designed just for you. Yes, it's customizable like a wedding ring or an Adam Ant Halloween costume.

I am personally indebted to the Next Web for spotting this new opus, one that features all sorts of individuals gaining extremely personal satisfaction from their Windows Phones.

Microsoft wants to be clear that Windows Phones are not for everybody. The implication being that iPhones are really all the same for everyone -- save for those tasteless people who still put pink and mauve bumpers around their pristine devices.

You see, if you're a food lover, a wine maker, a fashion hunter or even a plain old slob, your Windows Phone will reflect your predilection -- as if it were your third hand.

You pick up your phone and you see you, as opposed to the iPhone owner who picks up his phone and still sees the ghost of Steve Jobs.

It's a teasing pitch, especially when you see a version featuring Steve Ballmer himself. (Embedded below. The voiceover could use a little polishing.)

My engineer friend George says he can't wait for the Nokia Lumia 920 to finally emerge. He was going to get an iPhone 5, but George needs maps like babies needs nappies.

George is quite fascinated about the personalization idea too. He's just worried that, well, he'll have to change the girlfriend tiles a little too often.