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New 'Westworld' trailer rides into town with a sense of dread

Something bad is happening in a futuristic theme park filled with robotic cowboys in the full-length trailer for the HBO series "Westworld."

If you like cowboy hats with your robots, you're probably excited about HBO's new "Westworld" series. HBO released a fresh trailer on Sunday, so brush off your Stetson and get ready for some mechanical people with shotguns and spurs. HBO released a teaser in June, but the new trailer takes a longer, deeper dive into the upcoming series.

Michael Crichton, creator of "Jurassic Park," wrote and directed the original 1973 film version of "Westworld." The basic premise is all about what can go wrong in a Western-themed amusement park populated by robots. Since this is on HBO, we can expect a grittier, more "Game of Thrones"-like vision than we saw in the '70s movie.

The trailer starts off like a classic Western, with a gorgeous river valley landscape view and people on horseback. It then quickly dives into sci-fi territory. Oscar-winning actor Anthony Hopkins (as Westworld's creator) brings some gravitas to the trailer, which has an almost apocalyptic feel in places. The scenes fly by, but we get glimpses of bodies strewn across the ground, a lone wolf padding through the town and a graveyard filled with crosses.

HBO has marked the trailer as the "mature version," but there's nothing too crazy or NSFW going on here. One of the most memorable images involves a cowboy drinking from a bottle of milk as the white liquid streams out of a hole in his gut. "Westworld" debuts on October 2.