New 'Twin Peaks' full cast list reveals quirky surprises

Filming has wrapped for the second coming of "Twin Peaks" and Showtime is finally ready to reveal who David Lynch's co-conspirators are.

Amanda Kooser
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Amanda Kooser
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Welcome back to Twin Peaks. It's going to be interesting.


It's been nearly 25 years since "Twin Peaks" broadcast its final episode. The unconventional mystery series from David Lynch and Mark Frost lived on in a prequel movie and through a dedicated fan base. In late 2014, cable channel Showtime announced the show's return.

The cast list has been a major focus of speculation and confirmations. On Monday, Showtime released the entire list and there are some unexpected gems tucked inside.

We already knew that stars like Kyle MacLachlan (Agent Dale Cooper) and Michael Horse (Deputy Hawk) would be back, but that left a whole lot of original cast members up in the air. Now we know for sure we can welcome back the characters of Bobby Briggs (Dana Ashbrook), Deputy Andy Brennan (Harry Goaz), James Hurley (James Marshall) and Doctor Jacoby (Russ Tamblyn) among others.

Now we're getting into some spoilers from the original series, so turn away if you haven't watched it and don't want to know what happened. Two actors whose characters notably died in the first run are listed as returning cast members: Ray Wise (Leland Palmer) and Walter Olkewicz (Jacques Renault). It will be interesting to see how these characters are integrated into the new series.

"X-Files" actor David Duchovny went on record in early 2015 as saying he wanted to participate in the revival. He played cross-dressing FBI agent Denise/Dennis Bryson. Good news for both Duchovny and his fans: His name is on the Showtime list. (Editors' note: Showtime is owned by CBS, which also publishes CNET.)

Dig down and you will find some unexpected participants. Michael Cera ("Superbad" and "Arrested Development") and Italian actress and fashion model Monica Bellucci ("Spectre") are listed. The music community is making a showing, too. Trent Reznor from Nine Inch Nails and Eddie Vedder from Pearl Jam will pop up in the new "Twin Peaks."

There are also some notable omissions. Michael J. Anderson, who played the dancing Black Lodge guy known as The Man from Another Place, is not in the cast. Michael Ontkean (Sherriff Harry S. Truman) and Lara Flynn Boyle (Donna Hayward) are also missing. According to Showtime, filming on "Twin Peaks" has wrapped. It will air sometime in 2017.