New TV show: Temptation gadget island

Playboy TV's <i>Gadget or the Girl</i> will make contestants choose between a weekend getaway with a girl of his choice or a surprise high-tech toy.

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Host Iliza Shlesinger Playboy TV

You thought it was bad getting tossed aside for another woman? Try getting rejected for an MP3 player.

A new dating series based on the notion that "boys love their toys" will pit girls against gadgets in an attempt to answer that age-old question: hottie or hot HDTV? In a twist on the reality TV staple For Love or Money, Playboy TV's Gadget or the Girl will make contestants choose between a weekend getaway with a girl of their choice or a surprise high-tech toy.

The gear will range from a 60-inch plasma TV to an arcade game machine, but the guy won't know what his prize is until he opts for either the gadget or the girl. Remember, boys: there's always the chance you'll just be landing a deodorant-emitting suit.

In each episode, a bachelor will be introduced to three women--presumably with some connection to Hugh Hefner--and must immediately pick two to continue the game.

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The threesome will go on a date, and at the end, the guy will choose one girl to be his solo companion for the evening. After a few hours together, he must decide if he is going to enjoy an awkward exciting weekend getaway with the stranger, or give her up and leave with some potentially cool gear.

If the girl entices the guy to select her over the mystery gadget, she'll score a prize, which we hope will be higher-end than a cell phone hair dryer headset or a floppy-diskette bracelet. Iliza Shlesinger, currently one of the remaining finalists on NBC's reality TV series Last Comic Standing, will host the disaster show. Hopefully, she'll bring some irony to the proceedings.

The romp premieres on Playboy TV on Monday, September 1, at 7:30 p.m. EDT.