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Grab a drink with Harley Quinn in the new 'Suicide Squad' trailer

Check out another dose of hilarious hijinks with everyone's favourite crew of mass murderers, cannibals and killers-for-hire from Task Force X, better known as the Suicide Squad.

It's nice to know that even amid all the murder and mayhem, a group of supervillains can take some time out and bond over a drink.

Or at least that's what the new "Suicide Squad" trailer seems to be telling us. Debuting at the end of Sunday's MTV Movie Awards, it's roughly two and a half minutes of high-octane action and, yes, a couple of laughs.

The comedy might add some credence to the rumours that the film is rapidly being re-cut and even having scenes re-shot to add a more playful tone after the positivity the Internet showered upon the "Suicide Squad" Bohemian Rhapsody trailer back in January.

So cue up the fun music -- this time it's "Ballroom Blitz", which means the film now has two songs in common with "Wayne's World" -- and serve up a liberal dose of Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn sassing her teammates. Although in fairness, we do see a little bit more of the enigmatic pyrokinetic and facial tattoo enthusiast El Diablo (Jay Hernandez).

And yes, you can see Ben Affleck's Batman ruining the Joker's custom purple paint job at around the one minute and forty second mark. Maybe that'll finally put a smile on his face?

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