New 'Star Wars' comic reveal will make you want to smack Han Solo

The new Marvel "Star Wars" comics are now considered canon by Disney and Lucasfilm, which means the latest revelation about Han Solo's love life will shock fans who thought they knew the smooth-talking space smuggler.

Fans might have mixed feelings when they find out who this character is. Marvel

"Star Wars" fans are used to treating the Expanded Universe of books and comics separately than the movies that were considered canon. That's why a green rabbit smuggler like Jaxxon and a horse Rebel pilot were never considered characters to expect to see later in a movie.

Plus plenty of crazy things have happened to Han Solo, Chewbacca, Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia and Darth Vader in the books. Just read "Death Troopers" to see how Han Solo does against a horde of Imperial zombies.

But now that Lucasfilm and Disney have officially stated that the new will be considered canon, this latest storyline in "Star Wars" No. 6 by writer Jason Aaron could have serious ramifications for not only Han Solo, but other major characters.

SPOILERS AHEAD! So if you don't want to know what Han Solo is up to in the new comics, stop reading this article now.

In "Star Wars" No. 4, Aaron introduced a masked character searching for Han Solo at Mos Eisley and shooting Rodians with a blaster underneath the table like Han did with Greedo in the first 1977 "Star Wars" film.

But in "Star Wars" No. 6 fans finally discover who the mysterious character is -- Sana Solo, Han Solo's WIFE. And she sure seems upset. Princess Leia isn't too thrilled with the news either. We already knew Han was a bit of a cad, but leaving out any mention of a Mrs. Solo seems low even for him.

Fans were left with this cliffhanger without much explanation in this comic issue. So there's still some wiggle room for Han to get out of this without ruining his reputation completely with the fans -- especially female "Star Wars" fans -- who may not take the married news lightly.

Perhaps Han and Sana were married in a quickie Las Vegas fashion when they were both young and naive. Or maybe Han was forced to marry her in some kind of blackmailing scheme. Or maybe they're on a break? Who marries someone with a first name that rhymes with yours without regretting it a little bit later?

Either way, we're all going to have to wait to see how Han and Sana relate to each other in the next comic. But since this comic takes place before "The Empire Strikes Back," one has to wonder if that Han and Leia love exchange before he was frozen in carbonite didn't have more than one meaning to it. And what about all that flirting Han did with Leia during "A New Hope" when she was being "rescued" by him and told she needed a good kiss? Ew.

We can't wait to see Chewbacca reaction to this awkward reunion. He must have been Han's Best Wookiee at the wedding, right?

We would not want to be in Han Solo's boots right now. Marvel