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Smithers and Groundskeeper Willie star as new Lego 'Simpsons' minifigures

Bartman and Fallout Boy to the rescue! The second wave of Lego "Simpsons" minifigs -- including exclusives like Comic Book Guy and Professor Frink -- debut May 1.

Which "Simpsons" Lego minifig do you want in your collection? Lego

Everything's coming up Milhouse! Fans of "The Simpsons" can collect their favorite characters with this second series of 16 minifigures, which will be available on May 1.

The main characters come with special accessories. This set includes Homer (dressed in his best suit and tie for a hot date), Marge (in a glorious orange dress), Lisa (with Snowball II the cat), Maggie (with Santa's Little Helper the dog), Bart (dressed as superhero Bartman) and his unfortunate chum Milhouse (in his Fallout Boy costume).

This second Lego set also has exclusive minifigs for several beloved characters: Waylon Smithers, Comic Book Guy (who looks distinctly svelte), Groundskeeper Willie, Edna Krabappel, Dr. Hibbert, Professor Frink, Hans Moleman, Martin Prince, and cynical sisters-in-law Patty and Selma.

Each minifigure is sold separately for $4 (around £3 or AU$5) each and comes in a sealed "mystery bag" with special accessories, a display plate and collector's pamphlet. Fans won't know which character they have until they open it.

The minifigures will go on sale on May 1, with more details on the Lego site here.

Each minifig comes with its own accessory, like Willie's plunger and Bart's slingshot. Lego