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New Samsung Galaxy S3 ads: Very Facebook, not very Apple

A new series of ads for Samsung's Galaxy S3 plays up the phone's sharing capability -- one the iPhone doesn't currently have.

Samsung Screenshot: Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

If I can't share with you -- right now -- that I'm about to weep/gnash/gurn/smile/eat, then what kind of modern human am I?

This is the essence that has been injected into us by Facebook and one that is fomented by Samsung's new Galaxy S3 ads.

In a series of three new opuses -- which Business Insider espied over its lunch -- Samsung is trying to make our hearts leap and our pockets flutter with the idea of being able to share images and files instantly.

It's a deeply modern and persuasive pitch. If you don't share your latest picture of the steamed octopus at your local restaurant, what sort of miserable ingrate are you?

These ads, which bring a welcome wit to a category that is in danger of becoming desperately dull (how society misses the Mac making jokes out of Bill Gates/ Microsoft), Samsung tries very hard.

These three feature its All Share capability, which allows you to beam your photos and files instantly to everyone who simply can't wait to see them.

This is something that staid old Madonna -- the iPhone -- just can't do right now, although the iOS 6 update should satisfy that craving soon.

I hate to rain on Samsung's parade, as it's a parade that has gusto and gumption.

However, the only way that you can perform this beaming is if your friends, lovers and pastors -- or whoever you wish to send your pictures and files to -- also have a Samsung Galaxy S3.

So the hope must be that people, on seeing these ads, will rush and and buy Galaxy S3s and then guilt all of their friends and families into buying one too.

It is a very modern hope, one with all the steaming ambition of a cult creator.