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New Samsung computer monitors set to land soon

A rundown of the LCD computer monitors CNET expects Samsung to ship to us soon.

Samsung's XL2370 (back when it was the 2370L) supposedly ends wars and cures diseases. We'll see. Eric Franklin/CNET

I've had the LG Flatron M237WD in-house for a good minute now. I've yet to review it, however, because I felt that unless I had something appropriate to compare it to, the review wouldn't be as useful.

For awhile I'd been begging waiting on Samsung to send its 2370HD, as it has many of the same "TV like" connections as the Flatron, as well as the same 23-inch screen size and 1920x1080 resolution. Samsung just informed me that I should be receiving the display either later this week or next, but that I would also need to give up my firstborn. Look for reviews of both monitors in early to mid September.

Samsung also informed me that a release of the LED-based XL2370 is imminent and that I should also be receiving an evaluation unit soon. This is the long-anticipated LED version of the Samsung 2370 I reviewed a few months back.

Last but not least, Samsung should be sending the F2380 which is a full HD 23-incher featuring cPVA panel technology. This one probably just edges out the XL2370 as my current most anticipated monitor.

Hopefully all of these monitors actually arrive in the CNET Lab soon. A man can have only so many firstborn, so here's hoping the sacrifices needed to receive all of these leave me with at least a sliver of my soul intact.