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The internet votes that new Pokemon character looks like Donald Trump

The mongoose-like Yungoos has a familiar hairdo, and don't forget its small hands.

Many Pokemon look like animals or otherwise take inspiration from real life. Caterpie is a cute little caterpillar, and his name reflects it. Magikarp isn't a carp, but a yellow rockfish.

But when a new mongoose-like Pokemon named Yungoos was introduced on Tuesday at E3 as part of the upcoming Sun and Moon editions, social media erupted with recognition.

Then the inevitable photo comparisons were made. You'll have to vote in your own mind as to whether they were accurate.

Just who is this Yungoos? A big eater, for one, according to the official Pokemon site. "It has strong fangs, so it can crush and consume the hardest of objects," the site reports. It also has Stakeout ability, which "can deal twice the normal damage to any Pokemon that switch in or enter the field mid-battle." Not dissimilar to the damage Donald Trump himself dealt to the other candidates he battled so far in the campaign.

Most Twitter users are pointing to the hair and mouth as creating the Trump resemblance, though some couldn't resist indicating that Yungoos has rather small hands -- er, paws.

And not everyone thinks Trump is the best comparison for Yungoos. At least one suggested former London Mayor Boris Johnson would be a better lookalike.