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New photo frames, now with more insufferably cute babies

Westinghouse teams with Anne Geddes for a new line of digital photo frames

Anne Geddes. You know her. She's the one who does those baby photos that pass the point of being cute and fly head first into a steaming pile of pretentiousness? Well, that's my opinion, anyway.


Still, according to Westinghouse, her books have sold more than 18 million copies worldwide and have been translated into 24 languages. So if you're champing at the bit to give your child a cuteness inferiority complex, read on.

Westinghouse obviously sees this and they've partnered with Geddes and the Geddes Group to create a new family of digital photo frames. The frames will feature images from Anne Geddes, but users will be able to mix their own photos and content with specifically selected photos and content of babies and children by Ms. Geddes.

The frames will require specialized software, developed by Westinghouse, to power them. So far there is no word on price.