New Oracle software targets Salesforce

The on-demand software includes a browser-based interface and can be customized to run on mobile devices such as BlackBerrys.

Updated at 7:20 a.m. to add details from Oracle announcement.

Oracle on Tuesday announced new on-demand CRM software aimed squarely at

The new software, Oracle CRM on Demand 15, is a revised version of a product acquired via Oracle's purchase of Siebel Systems in 2005.

Oracle's on-demand software, designed to help companies manage customer resources, will include a browser-based interface and can be customized to run on mobile devices such as BlackBerrys, and included in personalized Google and Yahoo pages.

Oracle's CRM on Demand 15 Oracle Corp.

Another aspect of the release is the inclusion of what Oracle calls "Social CRM" capabilities, including social networking and collaboration tools. ZDNet's Phil Wainewright explained more in a post earlier on Tuesday:

The lead component of Oracle CRM's new social capabilities is a new feature called 'Sticky Notes'. This allows a user to mark any object -- for example an account in a given salesperson's portfolio -- with a comment and then subscribe to the message stream related to that object. Team members can then follow and participate in the conversation around that object, which is all co-ordinated within new functionality called the 'Message Center'.

While has enjoyed years of leadership in the on-demand business software market, Oracle and others are launching rival products. In Oracle's case, analysts say recent sales wins for have refocused the company's efforts. "That was a wake-up call. They have come to a realization that there is money to be made from delivery of software as a service," Trip Chowdhry, an analyst with Global Equities Research, told Reuters.