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New Nokia ad: iPhone 5 is colorless

If you're not bashing the iPhone 5, you're not doing business. So Nokia finds a very pretty way of suggesting that Apple's new phone is drab when compared with the Lumia 920.

What a dull world it is in Appleville.
Nokia/YouTube Screenshot: Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

I misread a headline just now.

It was something about Apple saying the purple streaks in iPhone 5 photos were normal. I thought it said Apple was going to release a purple iPhone 5.

Which would strike me as potentially beautiful, were it to be the right, rich shade of purple.

No sooner had this thought slipped from my mind than TechCrunch revealed to me a new Nokia ad that had appeared on YouTube.

It is a very artistic affair, even if slightly reminiscent of that quite frightful Motorola tablet ad that suggested all Apple users were mindless sheep. (Yes, this was even before Samsung suggested that all Apple users are mindless sheep.)

The conceit here is that the Nokia Lumia 920 is a far better phone for you because you can get it in many colors.

Yes, that appears to be it.

The iPhone 5 comes in that metallic gray color. And the Lumia 920 comes in canary yellow and lots of other happy hues.

Frankly, we all need happy hues in our lives.

Indeed, I expect both presidential candidates to reveal just how much colorful policy innovation they will introduce -- should we give them the power -- in tomorrow night's debate.

I am not entirely convinced that everyone is looking for a phone of many colors, though. There's something about bright colors that suggests cheap on occasion.

Every time I've held a Lumia phone, I've thought: "This looks nice. Well, except for this odd bright blue."

But it's a taste thing, and I'm sure many people covet a lovely bright blue phone, especially if they live in the almost permanent night that is Helsinki.

The minute the iPhone 5 came out, Nokia sent out a tweet that didn't mention color. Instead it suggested: "Lumia 920: Wireless charging, amazing camera, screen you can use with gloves on and much more. No, it doesn't take a genius. #switchtolumia."

Perhaps the company will now send out a tweet -- just in time for the colder months -- that you can match your Lumia 920 with your gloves. Which would be a rather fetching prospect.