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New Microsoft ad Scroogles on the Surface

You didn't think Redmond would just have a Scroogling Web site, did you? No, it's taking the fight against Google to short-form film. And it's selling the Surface at the same time.

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Look. Look. They're cheating on the Surface. Microsoft/YouTube Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Since yesterday, you might have already changed your online shopping search methods.

You may have been so moved by your fear of being Scroogled that you immediately decided to Bing every little thing.

No, I am taking an excessively early tipple.

Yesterday, Microsoft launched a site called Scroogle. It informs you that all Google's shopping searches are paid for by companies. It tells you the only honest searches are on Bing.

And now I have bumped into what appears to be a TV spot that tells you the same thing in an even more dramatic way.

Here we have a couple in the kitchen, a scenario that leads quite beautifully into the concept of Google cooking your shopping searches.

While I am always an admirer of bravado, I feel bound to point out that Bing isn't entirely innocent of doing, well, the same thing as Google.

Many have whispered that its searches are, at the least, a mix of paid and unpaid results.

Still, why stand in the way of a good brawl?

In this ad, we don't merely see an inadequate pan catching fire -- flaming proof of the dangers of being Scroogled -- we also see the Surface.

See how easily the Surface stands on your kitchen counter, as you cook. See how easily you can pick it up and scroll.

It's an excellent touch that Microsoft is showing off its great multicolored hope at every opportunity.

Sadly, mutterings in the world suggest that the Surface isn't selling too well.

I have a theory as to why this might be.

Too many people are searching for it on Google.