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New Mailbag and good news: RSS is back!

CNET Mailbag show, RSS returns to CNET TV.

The latest episode of CNET Mailbag posted yesterday, in case you haven't seen it. Also, we just shot some hi-larious footage for next week's episode, which you will not want to miss. It'll post next Wednesday. Click here (or on the image) to watch it. Yeah, yeah, yeah, embedding. It's coming.

CNET Mailbag
Yes, those are tinfoil hats! Thanks for asking! CNET TV

But hey, awesome CNET TV news: RSS feeds are back! Mailbag, sadly, does not yet have a working feed (do NOT be fooled by what seems to be the correct URL) because I am waiting for a "node" to be "deployed." I think it should be working by tomorrow. But Buzz Report is ready to go! You can subscribe using this link: http://www.cnettv.com/9706-1_53-0.xml?nodeId=12578&title=Buzz Report

Or, go to CNETTV.com, click CNET Tech Shows in the black bar, choose Buzz Report, click the Podcast box in the menu there, and you can one-click subscribe using iTunes. This method works for all our shows and categories other than Mailbag, so RSS your little hearts out!