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New MacBook Air appears. Or does it?

A photograph of a possible new MacBook Air is leaked. Is it real? Is it still 13 inches? Is it someone having a little fun?

There is a ritual before Apple unveils something new. It's the ritual of rumor, leakage, and misdirection.

The rumors about Monday's Apple event suggest that the company is to reveal a new MacBook Air, perhaps a smaller MacBook Air, one that would fit into at least one of the pockets of a Gucci jacket. Well, perhaps.

So now it is time for leakage. Right on time, Engadget produces an image of what might, possibly, maybe, perhaps, could be the innards of a new MacBook Air.

However, and please move away from sharp objects and people you care about, this possibly, maybe new MacBook Air appears still to be 13.3 inches long. Or wide. (It depends which way you're looking at it.)

So what will really be revealed? CC Dan Taylor/Flickr

This Macbook Air, Engadget surmises, seems to have extra room for batteries and no room at all for a hard drive. There also appear to be "USB plugs on the left and right sides, Mini DisplayPort and an SD card reader on the left, and a power plug on the right." Sadly, the core processor seems not to be any different from that on the current MacBook Air.

What could this all mean? That next week will see less excitement than so many had hoped? Or that someone, somewhere, perhaps even at Apple, is enjoying a spirited giggle, having dampened expectations before lifting them like a Hollywood scriptwriter in the dying minutes of a movie?

You thought he wouldn't come back, take her in his arms, tell her he loves her, and kiss her hard on the mouth. But he does. Perhaps, therefore, there will be Air kisses next week when Apple, with the slightest glimmer of a gleam in its eyes, reveals something that wasn't rumored.

You know, like a white MacBook Air that weighs less than fourteen fingernails.