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New LG LED TV gets '70s styling

A television fashioned after an old-school CRT TV, with two oversize dials and a front speaker, looks like something Don Draper might like.


Those born in the 1970s may appreciate the the LG 32LN530R, the Korean company's latest LED TV, which is designed to look like an old CRT TV. This 32-incher sports two oversize dials for setting TV channels and volume, as well as what appears to be a front speaker grille.

But strip away all these old-school touches and you'll still get a full-HD panel with a fast 120Hz screen refresh rate. Other modern features include an integrated multimedia player and Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL) support. There are even four HDMI inputs and a USB port.

With many TVs appearing increasingly identical these days, the LG 32LN630R offers an interesting design twist and a welcome change. The 32-inch TV is currently available only in South Korea and retails at 840,000 won (about $750). There's no news yet on whether it will be launched in other parts of Asia -- or anywhere retro-loving Americans can get their hands on it.

(Source: Crave Asia via Engadget)