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New iTunes LP format is live

Apple's new interactive album format for iTunes is available. Included in iTunes LP are more album art, lyrics, writing about the record, video, and perhaps songs.

Promotional page for iTunes LP, which appeared in the iTunes Music Store on Wednesday.
Screenshot by Matt Rosoff/CNET

I'm following Apple's "It's Only Rock and Roll" event along with the CNET staff, but even before the event started, I saw that Apple has revealed its new LP format for iTunes.

It's called iTunes LP, and you can access it by clicking the top item on the "More to Explore" box in the left side of the iTunes Store front page. The new format includes more album art, lyrics, writing about the record, video (such as interviews with band members), and perhaps additional songs.

There are only a handful of albums available in the format right now (see screenshot for the six that are advertised on the iTunes LP page), but I'm sure that more are coming.

So far, I haven't been able to download the iTunes 9 software, but it's available in earlier versions as well.

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