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New iRiver looks like lucky charm

Tiny player goes for different look

The new iRiver MP3 player coming to market in South Korea looks like something you'd see for sale at a Starbuck's counter while waiting for your chai latte. And that's not necessarily a bad thing, either. As mass-market media players rapidly descend into commodity status, companies must do more to separate themselves from the pack through design and distribution.

iRiver S7
Akihabara News

This is not to say that iRiver's S7 has throwaway features: According to Akihabara News, it has 1GB of memory in a tiny case that's 1.7 by 1.2 inches and less than half an inch thick while weighing barely half an ounce. A tradeoff for the small size is no display, but it does have an FM tuner and a relatively reasonable price of $96, according to Engadget.

Fair warning: Other blogs have cast suspicion over the S7's purported specs. But even if it turns out to be less than billed, you can still wear it around your neck.