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New iPhones, iPods reportedly in Apple's retail system

A new report claims Apple's already posted model numbers of two new iPhone models, and a new iPod Touch model in its retail computer system.

iPhone 4

While we're less than a week out from Apple taking the wraps off the next version of the iPhone, new models--yes you read that right, models--of the company's portable devices are already said to be in its inventory system.

Citing new information from "Mr. X," a frequent leaker of Apple product numbers, 9to5mac reports that two new iPhones have appeared in the company's inventory system alongside three new iPod Touch models.

Before getting too excited, 9to5Mac says the new models are marked with the hardware identifier "N90A" as opposed to the current iPhone 4's "N90" designation, and could very well be 8GB variations of the existing iPhone meant for entry-level buyers.

As for the iPods, the three new units carry the "N81A" identifier, which the outlet suggests could merely be to designate new white models. That's compared to the "N81" marking on Apple's existing iPod Touch models, which are only available in black.

Notably missing is a set of model numbers for a new iPhone line. At next week's event, Apple is largely expected to launch a successor to the iPhone 4 that improves on the older model with a faster processor, a better camera, and a thinner design.

Model numbers are frequently on Apple's internal inventory system before the products themselves are released. In recent months that's included updates to Macs as well as accessories like Apple's Time Capsule line.