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New iPhone 4 ad: Heartfelt FaceTime

The new iPhone 4 video spot, directed by "American Beauty" director Sam Mendes, goes straight for the heart. Through the face.

Look at this and see if you can say: "Jeez, I don't like this."

Apple's excellent new ad for the iPhone 4 brings together the sheer warmth and humanity of Apple products that other brands crave. Yet it goes a little further: no more indie music. No more product demonstrations in the abstract.

When you're selling FaceTime, you go with the face. That way, you'll get straight through to the heart. Especially when you have Louis Armstrong crooning in the background, telling you that all is right with the world and, subliminally, that Apple is the world.

One of the more intriguing and human aspects of yesterday's Worldwide Developers Conference presentation by Steve Jobs was FaceTime. It wasn't merely that this demonstration worked perfectly as he chatted with Apple's Jonathan Ive. It was that those beyond that conference could see exactly how they might use it, where they might use it, and with whom they might use it.

Just as Jobs views the iPad as a product that can be left around the house for all the family, the iPhone 4 brings a new level of humanity to people's lives. This spot was directed by Sam Mendes, who dedicated his talent to directing such cheery family fare as "American Beauty" and "Revolutionary Road."

Yet, all he has to do here is cast perfectly and the people come together with the product. If you remain unmoved, you're an android.