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New iPad, elder iPad 2 face off in deathly drop test

Apple's past and present iPads duel in some teeth-gritting feats of strength captured on video.

Goodbye, iPad. Which version of Apple's tablet do you think won the drop test? Watch the video below and let us know.
Screenshot by Christopher MacManus/CNET

Your mind goes on a roller-coaster ride of shock and hope when you drop a tablet on a hard surface. Trust me. Hey, I even feel mental pain when I watch this video showing some spine-tingling (and senseless) iPad sacrifice.

In the vid, the new iPad and iPad 2 face off in a series of waist- and shoulder-high drop tests captured on video in a PR stunt by consumer electronics warranty company SquareTrade. The unscientific experiment features a group of curiously smiling people dropping iPads face down and face up on hard concrete.

I must admit the repeated sound of the iPad's screen and internals shattering feels like nails on a chalkboard.

After several drops, the video concludes that hard falls hurt the new iPad's screen worse than the iPad 2's display, but it all looks the same to me. Too bad tablets don't have health meters like video game characters. That would solve things once and for all.