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New iPad due in February, says Citi analyst

Apple has reportedly overcome all the technical obstacles and plans to double the resolution of its next tablet.

The next iteration of the Apple iPad will debut in February, according to a Citi analyst.

You have to admire the gumption of anyone still willing to make an Apple product prediction after nearly a full year of iPhone 5 predictions from across the globe proved to be mostly off the mark.

Still, certain sources of Cupertino conjecture make my ears perk up, including the analysts from the big investment houses that actually get copious amounts of sit-down time with Apple execs--there's a whole other conversation to be had about the motivations of those analysts and execs to say one thing or another, but I'll leave that to other outlets.

Nonetheless, Citi's Richard Gardner says "several sources" have told him the iPad will be unveiled during February with a new screen that we've been hearing about, which will be double the resolution of the iPad 2. It's been reported that Apple was facing technical challenges in the production of the new high-resolution screen and backlight, but Gardner says those obstacles have been surmounted and the new slate is just a few months away.

While I'm sure Gardner trusts his sources, his research overlooks the fact that February is National Cherry Month. It's also avocado and banana month, exotic vegetables and starfruit month, Fabulous Florida Strawberry Month, Grapefruit Month and Sweet Potato Month. In fact, February is just about everything but Apple month. Depending on where you are, that's usually in the fall.

If Apple were to really push production, however, they could have the new iPad ready for Apple Gifting Day on January 1st. Seriously, Phil Schiller should know about these things...

(Via: Business Insider)