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New 'Heroes Reborn' teaser unrevealing, but still cause for optimism

NBC is rebooting "Heroes" in 2015, and took to the Super Bowl to release a new teaser trailer for the upcoming "Heroes Reborn" series. Will the reboot actually be decent?

In a way, it's fitting that NBC aired its latest teaser for the upcoming reboot of the "Heroes" series during the Super Bowl. The phrase "save the cheerleader, save the world" was a central theme in the show's first season.

In the 15-second teaser, we see an unknown girl who can control the sky, orchestrating her own Aurora Borealis show. That ability is cool, but way less useful than being able to rapidly heal from even fatal injuries, absorbing other heroes' powers or, you know, being able to bend time and space. But still cool, I guess.

The trailer also revealed that Noah Bennet (Claire Bennet's adoptive father, played by Jack Coleman) will be back for at least part of the series. Noah appears in the same location as the unknown girl, but realizes he's being watched and turns to reveal another unknown character played by Zachary Levy. Coleman and Levy are the only two confirmed actors in the new series, and the trailer does little to reveal anything about the story or what roles people will be playing. We'll likely learn much more about "Heroes Reborn" as the series gets closer to launch, which is expected sometime this year.

Though short and unrevealing, the teaser has me cautiously optimistic that the 13-episode miniseries "Heroes Reborn" will at least be somewhat decent, if not as good as the incredible first season of the original show. As a fan of "Heroes," I hope that the writers channel their abilities to make "Heroes Reborn" truly, ahem, special.