New evidence links Hulu with mushed brains

It seems that the biggest demographic for Hulu once the site went public was oldies ages 55 and over.

Chris Matyszczyk

I don't know how old Alec Baldwin really is. But my guess is that his driver's license would not reveal him to be younger than he looks.

And it seems that Hulu, the brand Baldwin so brilliantly sold during the Super Bowl (who will ever forget that TV turns your brains to mush? Well, most TV viewers will, because their brains have turned to mush), is delighting in a little more maturity than some might think.

The Wall Street Journal suggested Wednesday that when Hulu went public last March, its largest demographic was not snotty-nosed punks actively looking to mush their brains, but those whose gray matter was in a fairly ripened state of mushiness. Yes, those 55 and over.

Does this one look like it watches Conan to you? CC Gaetan Lee

The Journal puts this down to a rather 1.0 launch of the brand. These days, it says, Hulu's sweet viewing spot is inhabited by 25- to 34-year-olds. YouTube is still far more popular, percentage-wise, among the pimpled crowd of teenies and post-teenies.

Of course, YouTube's traffic is around 10 times that of Hulu's. But apparently 15 out of 20 searches on YouTube are for the kind of TV content for which Hulu has a license and YouTube often does not.

So who do you think will win in the end? The brand with all the videos of weird psychopathic doctors, overeaters, cuddly animals, office workers making a documentary about themselves, and stand-up comics of very varying abilities?

Or, um, YouTube?