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Patriots' sexy Super Bowl comeback reflected in Pornhub traffic

This year's matchup turned out to be just as stimulating as anything that can be watched online. And according to data from one major porn site, the fans seem to agree.

Football and advertising fans tuned out everything else Sunday evening to watch the New England Patriots pull off the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history. At least, that's what traffic data from online pornography megasite Pornhub seems to indicate.

According to the company's Pornhub Insights blog, the site saw a nationwide 27 percent drop in traffic after kickoff that stayed near that level until the game's end, when visits briefly surged, perhaps as fans, uh, made up for lost time.

Pornhub regularly reports drops in traffic due to major events like the Super Bowl or the premiere of the latest season of "Game of Thrones."

One of the most telling tidbits from the report for this year's game comes from the below graph showing traffic trends for Pornhub visitors from the Patriots' home state of Massachusetts and from Georgia, home to the opposing Atlanta Falcons.

Pornhub Insights

The arc of the Patriots' historic comeback win can be seen on the chart as Pornhub traffic from Patriots country dropped all the way to 53 percent below normal around the time Tom Brady and company were racking up fourth-quarter scores to send the game to overtime, another first for the Super Bowl.

At the same time, as Falcons fans in Georgia watched their hometown team's 25-point lead rapidly disappear, Pornhub traffic from the state began to return to normal.

Both states apparently responded to the game's outcome in the same way: by boosting visitation rates to Pornhub. Traffic from Georgia was up 18 percent right after the game and 30 percent in Massachusetts. I suppose that's one way to celebrate.

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