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New Duracells: Pre-charged rechargeables

NiMH batteries come ready to use.

Crave Asia

It's good to see battery manufacturers improving their cells for use with today's more energy-needy gadgets. Following in Sanyo's Eneloop footsteps is the Duracell bunny. Yes, the original hare which predates Energizer's fluffy pink one.

And the former has even more reason to beat its own bass drum. It now offers (for a premium, mind you) pre-charged NiMH batteries. That's good news for gadget owners because it means you no longer have to tether those rechargeables overnight to the mains to season them first. Now you just pop them in straightaway to use.

Plus these new batts, living up to the Duracell name, can now hold their charge for up to a whopping year (365 days to be exact) without use. More importantly, your other half won't be nagging you for long to get rid of those batteries stored in the freezer compartment, along with the frozen edibles.

(Source: Crave Asia)