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New Droid Razr ad slices destructively

A new TV spot designed to whet appetites for the Droid Razr shows the phone can slice through metal and, well, traffic light poles.

Yesterday, I was watching some football match when, during a commercial break, I heard a strange slicing motion.

It was the sort of thing you hear in the movies before a severed head rolls along the sidewalk, with bulging, stunned eyes.

Oddly, when I looked up, the Droid Razr was responsible for the mayhem.

There wasn't actually a severed head, but there was significant damage being done to statues, store signs, and traffic lights.

On watching it again later, I noticed that a fire hydrant was also mutilated, as was a parking meter.

This civil disobedience was there to inform you that the Razr will be launched November 11. Yes, Friday.

It was also there to tease you that it will be very useful in a gang fight.

Those who know about these things say that the Razr is a rather fine instrument, although not one that will suit small hands.

As you can see from this ad, the Razr is extraordinarily fast. But perhaps a marginal surprise is that it flies through the air and damages useful things like traffic lights, as well as useless ones such as parking meters.

This suggests that though it might have dual-core, it has no moral core.

I know there will be some who won't understand why there was no scene of the Razr slicing an apple. Perhaps Motorola thought it would be too gory.