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'Doctor Who' trailer shows Time Lord's hearts in action

In electrifying new footage promoting Season 8 of "Doctor Who," fans see the Doctor's twin hearts beating up close and personal. But is that a Dalek we hear narrating?

Do the Doctor's two hearts beat as one? Video screenshot by Bonnie Burton/CNET

Fans already got a glimpse of Peter Capaldi as the next Doctor with his companion, Clara, in the first promoting Season 8. Now fans get to see the dual hearts of a Time Lord in action as poor Capaldi is electrocuted while manning a heavily damaged Tardis in the second trailer, which debuted over the weekend.

By the way, the narrator sounds suspiciously like a particularly angry Dalek. Perhaps it's the Doctor's old enemy Davros saying, "I see into your soul, Doctor. I see beauty, divinity, hatred!" Only time will tell.

The Tardis officially returns to TV on August 23 with the feature-length episode entitled "Deep Breath."