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New 'Doctor Who' teaser crawling with creepy creatures

Season 10 trailer gives us a glimpse of a water-like humanoid, strange insects and, again, that emoji robot. And Daleks too! The action begins April 15.

"This is the gateway to everything that ever was, or can be..."

Get ready for plenty of action, aliens, robots and fantastic worlds with the new season of "Doctor Who," beginning April 15 on BBC and BBC America.

The new "Doctor Who" season 10 teaser trailer posted Monday shows the Doctor (Peter Capaldi) and his new companion, Bill Potts (Pearl Mackie), as well as returning friend Nardole (Matt Lucas).

The teaser shows lots of footage of Daleks, Cybermen and that adorkable emoji robot already dissected in our shot-by-shot gallery. But there are also a few glimpses of creepy insects, a water-like humanoid, religious figures, glowing creatures and the returning thorn in the Doctor's side, Missy (Michelle Gomez).

Season 10 is the last season for both showrunner Steven Moffat and star Capaldi, so fans should expect a very special sci-fi swan song for them in the upcoming episodes. Keep your box of tissues handy for those tear-jerker moments.