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New 'Doctor Who' toys give you a chance to take home Captain Jack

Make room in your Tardis for Funko Pop vinyl figures of the Ninth Doctor, Rose Tyler, Jack Harkness, River Song, Sarah Jane Smith, K-9 the robot dog and...why can't we remember the last one?

Soon-to-be-realeased "Doctor Who" toys of the Ninth Doctor, Rose Tyler, Jack Harkness and River Song.

Just when you think you might have every "Doctor Who" toy in the universe -- or every Funko Pop -- Funko announces a second set of cute vinyl figures resembling of the most requested characters ever to step into the Tardis.

Or in one case, characters who have chased our heroes into their time-traveling blue police box.

We've seen big-eyed Funko Pop figures made for shows like "Firefly" and "Sherlock." Funko's already put out a Fourth, Tenth, Eleventh, and Twelfth Doctor and some other key faces. On January 11, Funko revealed new figures coming from past seasons of the popular sci-fi show.

The Pop figure of the Ninth Doctor, played in the TV series by Christopher Eccleston, is dressed in his signature black leather jacket and trousers. His hair is slicked back and he grips his trusty sonic screwdriver.

Next up is the Doctor's beloved companion Rose Tyler, played in the series by Billie Piper. She comes dressed in her Union Jack T-shirt and denim jacket and jeans. (Fans can pick up Rose at Hot Topic.)

Another type of companion, River Song, played in the series by Alex Kingston, is also in this second set of toys, wearing her original brown dress, leggings and boots. And of course, River never shows up anywhere without a weapon.

From creepy to cute, Funko plans on releasing toys of the Silence, Sarah Jane Smith and the robot dog K-9.


Then there's suave fellow time traveler Captain Jack Harkness, played in the "Doctor Who" series and in the spin-off "Torchwood" by John Barrowman. He's dressed in his iconic snazzy coat, white shirt and brown pants. While Funko toy faces tend to wear the same expression, it's too bad this flirty character doesn't wink.

Harkening back to the older '70s "Doctor Who" series, Funko also has a Sarah Jane Smith figure in her funky striped overalls. Played by the late great Elisabeth Sladen, Sarah Jane not only served as the Doctor's companion early on, but also was in the spin-off, "K-9 and Company" in 1981 and more recently "The Sarah Jane Adventures" in 2007-2011.

Wherever Sarah Jane wanders, K-9 the robot is sure to follow. This toy shows the robot toy in all its cute, metallic glory. But if you want to pick him up, he'll only be available at GameStop stores.

Funko also plans to release a bad guy in this wave of toys. The Silence are an evil group that remains a secret because if you see them you immediately forget about them as soon as you look away. You can pick this figure up at Hot Topic, if you dare.

While Funko hasn't yet said when these toys will be released, it's supposed to be soon. Check back on the company's website and Facebook page for the latest information.