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New DLO TransDock outputs video to your car

An update to the popular DLO TransPod FM transmitter adds some desirable new features, including video output to your in-car entertainment system.


OK, even I have to admit this is kinda sweet. DLO has upgraded its excellent TransPod FM transmitter to include video output to your in-car entertainment system, making it simple to play iPod content on all those handy screens mounted in the backs of headrests and flipping down from the ceiling. That's a bit overstimulating for me, but if I had kids--and an iPod, for that matter--I'd find this accessory hard to resist. The new TransDock, which will retail for $99.99, will continue to play music over the car stereo and charge the iPod. Here are some more highlights from DLO:

  • No installation required; simple to move from car to car
  • Powerful integrated antenna for even stronger iPod transmission through your FM radio
  • Built-in USB connection to simultaneously charge your cell phone or other electronic device
  • Enhanced design with more flexible mounting arm
  • Two interchangeable face plates included; others available for purchase online
  • Four assignable presets and indigo blue back-lit LCD display for ease of operation
  • Auxiliary line-input for use with non-iPod MP3 players