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New Disney trailer reveals more 'Big Hero 6' action

Disney Animation's upcoming animated superhero film "Big Hero 6" is equal parts action and comedy in this new trailer for the Marvel adventure.

Disney's upcoming flick "Big Hero 6" is set to hit theaters this November, and it's shaping up to be an action-packed and hilarious first foray into the Marvel universe.

On Tuesday, Disney released the second trailer for "Big Hero 6," and it has us excited to see how it turns out. The first trailer gave a hilarious look at the film's comedic aspects, and the second trailer provides our first take of the action we can expect.

In the clip, Baymax, the affable and clumsy robot, flies around the skies of San Fransokyo in his tricked-out superhero suit, and the film's villain, Yokai, unleashes mind-controlled microbots to attack Hiro and Baymax. We also get a look at the rest of the superhero group of 6 as their car is chased around the streets of San Fransokyo.

And yes, there's humor strewn throughout the trailer, like when Baymax is running low on batteries and stumbles going up the stairs, and when an energetic Hiro is trying to describe being attacked by Yokai to a skeptical police officer.

"Big Hero 6" will launch in the US in November, followed by a global theatrical release that includes Australia in December, and the UK in February 2015.