New Das keyboards coming in July, one with markings

New Das keyboards coming later this summer

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In 2005, keyboard maker Das earned much geek-cred with its all-black Das keyboard. The unique design featured no key markings, forcing you to remember where the keys are. It also came with the classic, "clacky" IBM model M-style mechanical key switches that few keyboard makers use anymore, but that many old-school computer users prefer for its satisfying feel. Come late July, Das will update its old design with two new models.

The new Das Professional keyboard comes with key markings. For the weak. Das

Both the Professional and the Ultimate keyboards will sell for $129 ($99 if you preorder here). Each comes with the same mechanical key switches, as well what's called "N-key roll-over" which allows you to press up to 12 keys simultaneously. Both models also have a 6-foot USB 2.0 cable and a pair of USB 2.0 ports built-in. The only difference between the two is that the Professional model comes with traditional key markings. The Ultimate version, like the original Das keyboard, has none.