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New Atlas robot is our best frenemy forever (Tomorrow Daily)

Boston Dynamics unveils the newest version of its Atlas robot; also, one cosmologist proposes laser propulsion as a solution to ultrafast space travel.


Lots of people are taking sides already in the inevitable war versus robots after Boston Dynamics uploaded a video showing off its most recent version of the Atlas robot. Full disclosure: you might root for the robots to win after watching a man repeatedly smack a box out of poor, innocent Atlas' arms.

We're also discussing cosmologist Philip Lubin's idea for relativistic space travel; that is, traveling at speeds relative to the speed of light. He wants to use lasers and small probes that would arrive at Mars in about half an hour, which would mean huge breakthroughs in space exploration outside our solar system. Do you think it's possible?

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320: New Atlas robot is our best frenemy forever (Tomorrow Daily)

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