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New Amazon tablet called the Kindle Fire?

TechCrunch is reporting that Amazon's tablet, due to be announced Wednesday, will be called the Kindle Fire.

Amazon's upcoming tablet allegedly resembles the BlackBerry Playbook without a camera.

Amazon's Kindle caught fire in a big way and now MG Siegler over at TechCrunch is reporting that Amazon will go with Kindle Fire as the name for its upcoming $249 tablet, which is due to be introduced on Wednesday in New York but won't hit stores till the second week in November.

Siegler said earlier in the month that he'd actually handled the new 7-inch tablet, which supposedly resembles the BlackBerry Playbook but runs on a heavily skinned version of Android and doesn't have a built-in camera. But some of the details--like the speed of the processor--were missing.

While Siegler retracted his claim that the new tablet would come with a year membership to Amazon Prime (worth $79), he now says the Fire's processor will use a Texas Instruments dual-core OMAP chip, "the same chip used inside many newer Android devices." However, he's unsure of the clock speed but "guesses" it's 1.2GHz. (To be clear, we have no way to confirm these rumors and Siegler's source remains anonymous.)

None of this is surprising. Most people assumed that Amazon's tablet would offer a performance boost over the Nook Color, which has been out for close to a year and is expected to be updated soon.

Whether the Kindle Fire, if indeed that's what it's called, will come with a copy of "Fahrenheit 451" or "Backdraft" remains to be seen, but it would be amusing if it did.

Tune in to our coverage of the event Wednesday morning to find out if the rumors about Amazon's tablet are true--or not. We'll be live blogging the event, which starts at 10 a.m. ET.

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