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New accessories for better battles on your Wii

New game accessories turn the Wii controller into realistic weapons.


I'm no Wii gamer, but I've watched people play on the console many times. It's pretty easy to see how silly it looks when you try to "shoot" or "slice" your opponents with the mundane-looking Wii controller during an action game.

For this reason, I think it's good news that Thrustmaster showed off on Thursday its newest Wii fighting game accessories, including the Glow Saber Duo Pack NW and the Dual Trigger Gun NW.

The Glow Saber Duo Pack NW is designed to house the Wii's controller for existing and upcoming laser-saber battle games. The pack consists of two 17-LED glowing sabers, one blue and one red. Each requires three AAA batteries.

These sabers are made of plastic with rounded edges for safety. They are compatible with all Wii titles that offer laser-saber-battle gameplay.

The Dual Trigger Gun NW, on the other hand, is a single wireless pistol that features double trigger and double hand grip position. The former allows players to manipulate the A and B button of the Wii controller via the gun's triggers and the latter is designed to enhance realism for Wii shooting games by offering better precision.

The Glow Saber Duo Pack NW and the The Dual Trigger Gun NW are now available for purchase, costing $34.99 and $17.99, respectively.

Now let the games seriously begin.