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Nevo S70: The Rolls-Royce of universal remotes?

Nevo's S70 is an all-in-one remote that can also connect and access data on a home network.

One remote to rule them all

Look no further for the ultimate in all-in-one remotes. The S70 from Nevo has taken the term "luxury gadget" to a whole new level. While the S70 got a sneak preview at September's CEDIA show, Nevo has now laid out all the details on the $1,200 beast.

The S70 will feature a 3.5-inch LCD touch screen and 19 programmable hard keys. In addition to controlling all the AV components in your home via infrared or Z-wave, it has the ability to connect to most devices enabled with an IP address and Web server (such as PCs, Web-based cameras, and media servers) via Wi-Fi. That online link can also be used to access Web-based information, including news, sports, and weather. Got your gear tucked away in a cabinet or closet? Add an NC-50 base station to convert the S70's Z-wave controls to infrared, and you won't need to worry about pesky line-of-sight issues.

If the Nevo S70 looks familiar, that's because it's an upgrade of the older Nevo SL model. That said, the company has promised "significantly improved battery life" on the S70 versus that earlier model. The ultra-high-end remote will most likely be employed by professional custom installers when it's released later this year.