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Netflix's minor glitches appear to be fixed

A day after an undisclosed systems malfunction knocked out its Web site, Netflix is once again shipping DVDs. Ratings and recommendations features seem to be working again.

Update 1:33 p.m. PDT: Netflix has apparently fixed the site's recommendations and ratings.

Netflix customers saw only minor glitches a day after the movie rental service suffered an 11-hour Web site outage because of an undisclosed systems malfunction.

Customers were unable to access ratings and recommendations on Tuesday, according to Steve Swasey, a spokesman for the company. The company, however, appeared to have fixed the problems by the afternoon.

"This is part of the site that we haven't been able to get back online yet," Swasey said earlier in the day. "Otherwise the site is fully functioning. We're shipping and receiving."

That's in contrast to Monday, when the glitch hobbled Netflix's logistics and shipping systems as well as the Web site. The company was unable to fulfill all of the orders scheduled to go out.

On the blog, numerous people who posted to the board said they were informed by Netflix that shipments were held up a day but would resume on Tuesday.

Many of those who wrote described themselves as happy customers and said they weren't put out by the outage. But others couldn't understand why Netflix has been plagued by Web site trouble. In July, the movie rental company went down for 18 hours.

"They need a zero down-time system like any other decent company," said someone posting to who identified himself as Bagman. "It is absurd that their Web site shuts down for even a minute...Amazon and Google haven't been down 11 seconds, that I recall, let alone hours. Please get sorted, Netflix."