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'The Keepers' Netflix trailer digs into nun's unsolved murder

Upcoming true-crime series may expose 50-year-old Baltimore secrets some would prefer remain hidden.

If the mysteries of the Netflix series "Making A Murderer" pulled you in, start blocking off some time next month for another true-crime deep dive.

On Wednesday, the streaming service released a trailer for a new documentary series about a mystifying murder. "The Keepers" is already being compared to the well-reviewed "Making a Murderer" series that was such a hit for Netflix.

The new series focuses on the 1969 unsolved murder of Baltimore nun Sister Cathy Cesnik, a teacher at Archbishop Keough High School. No murder is simple, but this trailer combines Cesnik's disappearance and death with hints of city corruption, possible involvement of priests, grieving now-grown students determined to find out what happened, and 50-year-old secrets some would rather keep hidden.

Above it all rises the smiling face and sad loss of a young teacher who's spoken of as exemplifying "this spirit of compassion and kindness."

All seven episodes of "The Keepers" will be available on Netflix May 19.