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'Luke Cage' binge-watchers punched out by two-hour Netflix outage

Let's hope you weren't planning a marathon of the new series Saturday afternoon, or if you were, that you loaded up on cash for the barbershop swear jar.

Just when many subscribers may have thought they'd settle in to watch the new series "Marvel's Luke Cage," Netflix had issues.

Timing is everything. Wait all week for an outdoor picnic, and it pours rain. Leave early so you're not late for the big concert, and your car breaks down.

It must've felt a little like that for the folks at Netflix on Saturday. Their much-hyped new series, "Marvel's Luke Cage," premiered Friday to stellar reviews. But just as many fans were surely settling in for a Saturday of binge-watching some of the new show's 13 episodes, bam, Netflix streaming went down like it just took an uppercut to the jaw.

The site was down for about two to three hours beginning around 3 p.m. Eastern time, according to customer-service tweets from the company. Some fans at the site downdetector.com were still complaining of outages as of late Saturday night, though many reported they were back in business. The outage affected the UK as well as the US, according to Deadline.

We know what you're thinking: Was it the overwhelming popularity of the much-anticipated new series that took Netflix down? Showrunner Cheo Hodari Coker seemed to think so.

The company did not immediately reply to a request for comment, but the show's official Twitter account was quick to acknowledge the service disruption and suggest readers keep the swearing to a minimum.

And when the problems were reported to be mostly fixed, the Cage account retweeted a thank-you to the technicians.

If you managed to watch the first episode before or after losing your connection, you can rehash it with our group-watch live blog, and check out this Q&A with star Mike Colter.