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Netflix partners with NBC for web content

Netflix is set to offer a web series, created by NBC, entitled "I Love This Movie."

NBC announced on Tuesday that they will be distributing an internet TV show through Netflix' new Watch Now system. In case you didn't catch the news about Watch Now, Netflix now lets subscribers watch select movies via a video player on the Netflix website instead of having to wait for them to come in the mail.

While it is cool that NBC is doing a web series for Netflix on classic movies, that really is not the important part of this news. This is not the first time that Netflix and NBC have worked together. In the past, NBC has worked exclusively with Netflix to distribute advance screenings of new NBC shows on DVD. This partnership can open up a lot of interesting possibilities for both NBC and Netflix. Bringing in content from different providers such as NBC can help Netflix to get a leg up on Blockbuster's Total Access service which has been trashing Netflix in their recent TV commercials. Netflix has online video distribution down to a science, but Blockbuster has hundreds of stores across the country where you can walk in and exchange your movies if you don't want to wait for the mail. In addition to that, Blockbuster has just announceda new subscription plan that does not include in-store exchange, but which is only slightly cheaper than Netflix.

It is clear that this continuation of Netflix' partnership with NBC is only part of their latest plan of attack. Other efforts include their summer promotional concert/movie screening series, Netflix Live! On Location, and an ongoing effort to sign independent films to their own Red Envelope Entertainmentlabel. As shown by their recent moves, Netflix plans to stay on top and not be fazed by the movie giant, Blockbuster.